About Company Brand

While the development of products started generations ago, the company has only recently begun selling its products. The labeling and formal image of the company originally came about after other artisans witnessed the Artisan’s Son conditioners being used, and wanted the product for their crafts. The product was then packaged and labelled, with retailers quickly on board to stock the products.

A testimonial was a busy retail shop discontinuing selling their top selling leather conditioner and stopping making their own conditioner, in replace of Artisan’s Son Conditioner, as they said “The product was simply too superior to anything we had used before”. Such reviews and feedback can be attributed to the passion and care put into every product. From the hand cut labels to the hand stirred natural wax blends, Artisan’s Son prides itself on the small details.

The local South Australian company utilises key ingredients from around the state, including the paddocks of its founder’s farm. The products are also used by many high profile artists across the state including Barry Gardner, Barossa’s most renown and acclaimed knife maker & Seb the leathersmith at Hahndorf Bush Gallery. With such passion and history to its products, the range will continue to grow, yet stay loyal to its vision of products that are tried, tested and used by the very artisans that create them.