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Artisan in the Making - From Little Things, Big Things Grow

On the dusty paddocks of Mt. Russell farm a young boy ventured following in the footsteps of two great men before him. One a pioneering horticulturalist/farmer and the other a fitter & turner, with various trade skills. Life was different back then, where tools were essential to a productive day’s toil and a need to be able to turn your hand to a broad array of skills.

These early days saw artisan Jarrad making storage boxes out of old lumber, to varying tools carved out by hand using his pocket knife. His passion for crafting had begun and it wasn’t long before he was off hunting and gathering items for much bigger projects. One early project being a handmade knife, complete with rabbit skin sheath; hunted, tanned by the youngster. Not bad for a boy under 12.

As the years went on, Jarrad’s thirst for knowledge of practical skills and trades grew and he practiced these on the family farm and in the backyard shed. School was somewhat a distraction form the artisan ways that consumed countless hours. His primary school principal even went as far to engage this young fellow by encouraging him to research something of interest… The 25 page project book on sheds/workshops caught the principal by surprise.

Two great men helped shaped and defined history in this young boy through hands on lessons, some people call 'manual work'. One being his father, and the other being his grandfather who left a legacy in his wake. For this he is forever thankful.


Today, head artisan Jarrad  is still turning his hand to a broad array of artisan ways and pushing the boundaries of quality products further.

Bottom Left: Pioneering Horticulturalist              Centre: Work Site ID, Fitter and Turner              Bottom Right: Jarrad's Childhood Box

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