Leather Conditioner

Premium Wax Blend - Out Performs all Others


Artisan's Son Leather Conditioner is a hard wearing wax blend which restores, replenishes and protects a wide variety of leathers. This tried and tested product is used by professional artisans across the world who work with leather. It can be safely used on a variety of leather products from motorcycle leathers to horse saddlery.

A formula which is draped in history, yet has evolved with time. The original recipe used by generations before has been advanced to become a class leading product. An original recipe shaped by technology refined ingredients ensures you aren’t using a by gone product. A patented 100% natural wax mix which will produce superior results.

Artisan’s Son Leather Conditioner is a wax based blend, which ensures that your leather isn’t saturated in oils or fragrances which many other products contain. The conditioner will leave your leather protected, water resistant, supple and smelling great again.

Made in Australia for the harshest conditions the world has to offer.  



Premium Wax Blend - Easy to Apply - Outlasts 

  1. Ensure item is clean and free of contaminates.

  2. Using a soft cloth work conditioner into item using circular motions.

  3. Let sit.

  4. Buff off any excess product. Repeat if steps if necessary.



Not suitable for suede or nubuck.

Always test product on an inconspicuous area before full application.

Piece of Honeycomb

Why Wax?

Artisan's Son premium wax blend has numerous benefits and advantages to competitors oil based products.

  • Hard wearing - protects the leather for a long time.

  • Makes leather water resistant

  • A little goes a long way - Don't require as much product compared with oil based conditioners.

  • High luster - Gives a superior shine

  • All natural - No nasty chemicals

  • Easy to use - No runny messy

  • Doesn't run or leech onto other material like other conditioners.

  • Used by professionals

  • Premium feel - Non greasy finish, makes your leather feel natural.

  • Artisan's Son Leather Conditioner has a unique blend of waxes - Out preforms with premium ingredients.