Metal Conditioner

Restores and Protects

A multi-purpose metal conditioner which restores and protects a wide range of metal types and metal items.

Can be safely used on:
Steel (Carbon, Stainless, Wrought Iron, Damascus)
Aluminium (Alloy, Polished)
Copper (Raw and Polished)
Precious Metals (Brass, Silver, Gold, Jewellery)

“Restores & Protects Like No Other”

Artisan’s Son Metal Conditioner is a premium natural conditioner which restores and protects all metal types, stopping corrosion and oxidation.
Three generations of artisans, years of trial and error, combined with a desire to have the best product available, Artisan’s Son Metal Conditioner was born.


This specially formulated product is a wax blend, comprised of superior natural waxes, to ensure your metals outlast you.

This all natural professional product is not only easy to use, but safe to use on a wide variety of items, including your high end kitchen knives and metal tools.