Artisan’s Son Metal Conditioner is a premium natural conditioner which restores and protects all metal types, stopping corrosion and oxidation. Wax based for superior results.


Forget greasy, toxic, slippery and short lasting oil methods to metal care and protection. Get Artisan's Son wax based Metal Conditioner - homogenised the old fashioned way.


Three generations of artisans, years of trial and error, combined with a desire to have the best product available, Artisan’s Son Metal Conditioner was born.


This specially formulated product is a wax blend, comprised of superior natural waxes, to ensure your metals outlast you. **Now with 20% more waxes, to ensure tougher protection**

This all natural professional product is not only easy to use, but safe to use on a wide variety of items, including your high end kitchen knives and hunting gear.


Please note, the actual product may differ slightly to the pictures, as it now gets homogenised an old fashion way to ensure ease of use, whilst having the highest % of waxes of any Artisan's Son product. 


Sizes: Large 115g & Small 16g

Artisan's Son Metal Conditioner

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